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Ignis Solis Earrings - Brass


These sturdy Brass earrings were meticulously handcrafted from Brass sheet and wire. Each component took several hours to fabricate and form into these radiant archaic suns. The fine details were carved into the metal and all edges were polished smooth. Inside the centers are beautiful reflective Black Onyx stones. I gave these earrings a dark patina and sealed them for longevity. They are intended to pair with the Ignis Solis Necklace! Currently, they are hanging from handmade 18 gauge standard size Brass ear hooks, but if you would like me to switch them out for larger hooks to fit through tunnels, just leave me a note at checkout.

Width: approximately 1.5"
Length: 2.5"
Weight: 17 grams each
Stone: 20mm

A tangible depiction of the divine voyage; an ascension from the pyre of my departed self. Now drenched in the venerable sun.