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Soleil Earrings - Sterling Silver


A petite and elegant pair of solar-inspired earrings for those of you who prefer lightweight jewels in your ears! These shimmering beauties are handmade from .925 Sterling Silver and Fine Silver, and set with twinkling Baltic Amber stones. Capturing the intrinsic brightness of these celestial beings was really difficult to do with a camera; they are absolute stunners in person. So much intricate filing went into play while crafting them that I didn't want to distract from their beautiful design, so I polished them to a sparkling shine! They currently hang from handmade 19 gauge standard size Sterling Silver ear hooks, but if you'd like me to switch them out for larger hooks to fit through tunnels, just leave a note at checkout.

Width: 1"
Length: 1.5"
Weight: 5 grams each
Stones: 10mm